Rutgers University - Camden Arts and Sciences


Just wanted to keep you guys updated with what is going on in my life. I haven't gotten a chance to post about the exciting news due to the busy holiday season with the ones I love. So here's it is! Rutgers asked to write an article about me as an "outstanding student!" What an incredible honor while I am about to venture into my last semester before I graduate and thesis! You can read the entire article/interview at the link below, just click "READ ARTICLE HERE."

Here's to love, art, and happiness in this new year!!

Always remember to follow your dreams! xo

Charity Paint 15'

After tons of deliberation of what I can do to help others this Christmas, it popped into my head! My mother works for a senior care home and she told me many patients don't get visitors which broke my heart. I wanted to do something that would bring a smile to their face not just on Christmas, but something that they can look at and smile at every day! So I gathered Santa's little helpers and we set out on a mission to paint 102 canvases and write 102 holiday cards for each and every patient in my mothers work. After many hours, we did it!!! Thank you all who came and helped me warm the hearts of others this Christmas.